A SELECTION OF OUR Classical, Jazz and Easy Listening Ensembles


Violin * Guitar * Piano

Giorgio was born in Albania to a family (Greek-Italian) of talented musicians, where his father is a viola player, lute maker, university lecturer and art critic.
At age six, Giorgio began to learn the violin, and at twelve the piano. By 10 years old he was already playing the violin and flute in various folk and popular music festivals, as well as classical concerts.
He was in the school youth orchestra and took part in all the cultural performances.
For a total of eight years he studied all aspects of music, including theory and the other scholastic subjects.

Giorgio attended the Conservatory of Fine Arts where he continued to study the violin, piano, harmony and composition. He continued to perform the violin in concerts, festivals and has
had many television appearances.
At the age of 17, he joined the Philharmonic Orchestra of Tirana as a professional violinist, performing concerts, symphonies, operas and sound tracks with the orchestra for three years. Giorgio graduated with a conductorship

"Some musicians claim to be eclectic and broadminded
when, in fact, they are quite limited in scope.
But Giorgio is the real deal.
A multi-faceted composer, violinist, pianist and
arranger, Giorgio is as capable of performing
straight-ahead jazz as he is of performing classical
music and world music.
The Albania-born Giorgio spent many
years in Italy and Austria before moving to the United
States, has a strong appreciation of Latin rhythms
(ranging from Afro-Cuban to Brazilian) as well as the
traditional music of Eastern Europe.
Giorgio’s skills are impressive”

--Journalist Alex Henderson (who has written for Billboard, Spin, Jazz Times , Jazziz and the L.A. Weekly)

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Our String Quartets, Trios, Duos and Soloists (also larger ensembles) perform wedding and background music for cocktails and dining. Our performers are comprised of the finest professional musicians in the region, many of whom play with orchestras, opera companies and on recording sessions with famous personalities.
The String repertoire includes a menu of music encompassing 18th Century classics of Bach & Mozart to 20th Century Joplin, Gershwin and current Broadway favorites. Our Strings also offer a unique presentation of customized choreography, based on a venue size and dimension. These Strings are strategically choreographed for the entire audience to enjoy. Their appeal is one of movement, creating a unique visual experience as well as a musical statement.
SOMEWHERE IN TIME (press box to play song)
PACHELBEL'S CANON IN D (press box to play song)

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Good As Gold is synonymous with Sophisticated & Elegant. "Good As Gold" is a fabulous Guitar, Mandolin & Violin Trio. This unique trio offers the ability to stroll your event from table to table or to perform in a staged setting.
Musical styles include classical, jazz, show tunes and contemporary pop and rock standards.
Good As Gold is available for:
Social events
Corporate events
Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions
Fine Dining
Song Writing
Studio Recordings and Concerts
Option for Guitar solo, Guitar & Mandolin duo or Guitar & Violin Duo
IN MY LIFEpress (press box to play song)
TOP OF THE WORLD (press box to play song)
TIME TO SAY GOODBYE (press box to play song)
THE GODFATHER THEME (press box to play song)
TONIGHT (press box to play song)
LARA'S THEME FROM DR. ZHIVAGO (press box to play song)
ARRIVEDERCI ROMA (press box to play song)
HERE COMES THE SUN (press box to play song)


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Gloria, this petite dynamo, is a chameleon harpist. She plucks, strums, jizzles and practically dances on those strings to create most any kind of music her audience desires – classical, jazz, Latin, African and pop. She has performed with Jose Feliciano, Diana Ross, Frank Sinatra, Jr. and Luther Vandross just to name a few. She has toured internationally as a solo artist, chamber musician and member of jazz and African-Cuban ensembles. She has released thirty (30) recordings and produced two (2) therapeutic harp CDs.

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OYE COMO VA (press box to play song)
HEART & SOUL (press box to play song)
WE DON'T NEED NO EDUCATION (press box to play song)
HAPPY TOGETHER (press box to play song)
DUST IN THE WIND (press box to play song)
CHARLIE BROWN THEME (press box to play song)
CLASSIC JAZZ (press box to play song)
Our Variety Ensembles include groups such as Beat of The Harp, A Capella, Doo Wop, Steel-Caribbean-Reggae, Dixieland, and Easy Listening Jazz.

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